Airbnb users in Taiwan skyrocket for Lunar New Year, twice as many as 2017

40,000 people will use AirBNB around Taiwan over the next 7 days

Airbnb's presence is only growing stronger. (Image from Airbnb's Twitter)

Airbnb's presence is only growing stronger. (Image from Airbnb's Twitter)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Airbnb estimates that over 40,000 lodgers will use their accommodation booking service over the Lunar New Year in Taiwan.

The data was gathered by Airbnb based on reservations booked for Feb. 14, the eve of Chinese New Year, through Feb. 20. These seven days are estimated to see profits of NT$ 59 million (US$ 2 million) in total.

The largest group of travelers using Airbnb in Taiwan over the holiday are from China, comprising 42.7 percent of total travelers, or around 17,000 people. Taiwanese travelers made up 28.7 percent of all travelers, Hong Kong 7.3 percent, Malaysia 3.8 percent, South Korea 3.7 percent, and the U.S. 3.4 percent, according to Business Next.

Moreover, Taiwanese traveler’s favorite place to use Airbnb over the next week was to book trips in Japan, primarily in Tokyo, followed by Osaka, according to Airbnb data. As of today, there are 13,000 travelers from Taiwan scheduled to stay in Japan over the Lunar New Year.

Following Japan, Taiwanese tourists's prefer destinations are: South Korea, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, France, and China.