Premier League sells majority of British TV rights for $6B

LONDON (AP) — The Premier League has raised more than $6 billion from the sale of the majority of the rights to broadcast matches live in Britain.

Sky has four packages of games and BT has just one in the 2019-22 rights cycle. It leaves 40 of the 200 matches up for sale still available for broadcasters.

In the 2016-2019 cycle, Sky and BT are paying 5.14 billion pounds ($7 billion) for the rights to show 168 of the 380 annual matches between them.

This time 200 matches were available, and the league has so far raised 4.464 billion pounds ($6.2 billion) for the next three years.

While Sky has bought 128 games so far, BT has 32 matches on Saturday lunchtimes.

The unsold games are the two new packages that allow a broadcaster to show every game on four match nights.