Hong Kong vlogger lists 3 things the world should learn from Taiwan

Vlogger lists 3 ways Taiwan is better than Hong Kong

Screen capture from KaoBeiCold YouTube video.

Screen capture from KaoBeiCold YouTube video.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Hong Kong vlogger has listed three things that she thinks the rest of the world could learn from Taiwan's society, especially people in her native city. 

In a video posted on Jan 25 titled "Taiwan's 3 Major Advantages that the Whole World Should Study," Hong Kong vlogger and college student Dida (狄達 ) lists aspects of Taiwan's society that she has observed to be better than her native city, after living in the country for three and a half years. As of the time of publication, the video has gained over 120,000 views, 2,000 likes and 645 comments. 

1. Recycling

Dida surprised at the complexity of disposing of a paper cup. (KaoBeiCold YouTube video)

First, Dida believes that Taiwanese have a superior habit of recycling and are "very persistent." Although she says there is recycling in Hong Kong, she says most people still throw all of their garbage in the same trashcan.

Dida observes that Taiwanese separate every single item very carefully for recycling. She then does a skit where she has a Taiwanese woman explain the finer points of how different kinds of plastic and paper are categorized, with a simple beverage container going through six steps before finally being fully disposed of.

Taiwanese friend demonstrates how to dispose of a paper cup. (KaoBeiCold YouTube video)

First the straw is thrown in general garbage, then she breaks up the lid to reduce its size, before also tossing it in the bin. Next, she dumps out remaining liquid in the sink, rinses it out thoroughly and then finally tosses the cup it in the paper recycling bin.

2. Green utensils

Dida showing a reusable straw. (KaoBeiCold YouTube video)

Dida is amazed how so many Taiwanese people bring their own utensils, even reusable straws, in a carrying case everywhere they go. She was so impressed by this that she plans to continue this habit when she moves back to Hong Kong. 

She was also impressed that even at fast food chains in Taiwan, customers are expected to clear their table and separate all of the waste into the proper recycling bins.

3. The human touch

Dida imitating a Taiwanese driver telling passengers to "watch out for the turn." (KaoBeiCold YouTube video)

Dida says that Taiwanese are extremely friendly. For example, when a person asks for directions, Taiwanese people will enthusiastically take out their cell phones to help them pinpoint the location.

She heard that in southern Taiwan, people will even take people on their scooter or even walk them directly to their desired destination. In contrast, she says Hongkongers will just say "I don't know" to avoid any trouble. 

Dida said that bus drivers very considerate of passengers saying things like, "The bus is going to make a sharp turn, make sure to take care not to lose your balance. When you get off the bus, watch out for cars." While she said Hong Kong bus drivers are silent. 

Dida added that when she went to use the bathroom in a police station, they offered directions and suggested good places to eat in Taiwan. 

Dida imitating a friendly Taiwanese police officer. (KaoBeiCold YouTube video)

In contrast, she said people in Hong Kong are very cautious about strangers and are not as friendly as Taiwanese people. She says Taiwanese think Hong Kong people are "very fierce."

She closes by lamenting that people the former British colony were once also friendly and approachable, but after going through "some stuff" over the years, Hongkongers have become gradually less and less friendly.