Taipower breaks ground on 100 MW solar power facility in central Taiwan

The site of the facility is the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park near Taichung

Concept art for the Changhua facility (Image from Taipower)

Concept art for the Changhua facility (Image from Taipower)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Taiwan Power Company broke ground on a new solar power facility in Changhua, Taiwan on Friday, Feb. 9 that well be the largest solar power plant in the country, once it is completed.

According to the report at PV-Magazine, the construction project is now underway at Changhua’s Coastal Industrial Park. In total the project is expected to cost about NT$6.2 billion (US$212 million) and eventually provide 100 Megawatts of solar power to central Taiwan.

The project is reportedly a joint project between Taipower and Chunghwa Telecom, who will create a digital network for the facility, to better streamline the operations of the plant.

The facility is also expected to be completed on a fairly quick timeline, reportedly finishing construction in December of this year, in which case it should completely operation in the year 2019.

PV-Magazine reports that the total installation will cover 140 hectares, and include 339,000 solar panel modules, all manufactured in Taiwan.