5 Chinese tourists believed trapped in collapsed building in eastern Taiwan

5 Chinese tourists are believed to be trapped inside the collapsed Yun Men Tsui Ti Building in eastern Taiwan's Hualien

Rescue workers look at device in front of Yun Men Tsui Ti Building.

Rescue workers look at device in front of Yun Men Tsui Ti Building. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Three days after a deadly magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck eastern Taiwan's Hualien, seven people remain missing, including five Chinese tourists, who were staying in a hotel in the collapsed Yun Men Tsui Ti Building (雲門翠堤大樓).

The seven missing people are all believed to be trapped in the Yun Men Tsui Ti Building (雲門翠堤大樓), including a Canadian couple and five Chinese tourists, all of whom were believed to be staying in the Beauty Inn. The hotel they were staying in is situated in the second and third floors of the 12- story building, which saw its first three floor collapse after the quake struck at 11:50 p.m. on Feb. 6.

The Canadian couple was staying in room 213, and have been identified as Peter So (蘇煒禧) and Freda So (蕭敏瑜), while a Chinese family of five had booked room 201 of the hotel. The family included four adults and one child, who were identified as Yanjie (楊捷), 39; Ting Wenchang (丁文昌), 76; Ting Shouhui (丁守慧), 40; Ho Fenghua (何鳳華), 75; and Yang Haoran (楊浩然), 12.

At a press conference today, Interior Minister Yeh Jiunn-rong (葉俊榮) said that rescue workers had been able to send a probe into room 213, where it detected weak signs of life, but visual confirmation of people trapped inside was achieved.

However, other reports state that rescue workers have also encountered the odor of a rotting corpse or corpses in the vicinity of room 213 as well.

According to a report by Apple Daily, search and rescue workers have been able to penetrate into the floor of room 213, where they have encountered a box spring bed and quilts and their search is ongoing. They have also been able to penetrate through the floor of room 201, but there has been no news on what they have found yet.

Updated : 2021-03-02 23:27 GMT+08:00