Association for Int'l Broadcasting CEO visits Taiwan, meets Taiwan News publisher

The AIB is a network of media professionals promoting quality journalism and media accessibility across the globe

AIB CEO Simon Spanswick, right, and Taiwan News Publisher Luis Ko, left

AIB CEO Simon Spanswick, right, and Taiwan News Publisher Luis Ko, left (By Taiwan News)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On Feb. 7, the Chief Executive of the Association for International Broadcasting (AIB), Simon Spanswick, made a visit to Taiwan News to meet its publisher, Luis Ko, so that the two organizations could learn more about each other.

Spanswick is visiting Taiwan to coordinate with media partners at Radio Taiwan International (RTI), which is an executive member of the AIB. He is also making contacts with Taiwan media and business groups to develop AIB’s network of cross-border, multi-platform international broadcasters.

Since establishing a South Asia office for the organization in 2012, AIB has been working hard to create a reliable and responsible network of media professionals, to ensure high quality and accessible journalistic content in the region.

Representatives of AIB, Taiwan News, and RTI meet in Taipei City on Feb. 7 (Taiwan News Image)

AIB hosts an annual international AIB media awards event, where quality documentary and factual media productions are recognized for their contributions to global journalism.

Meeting with Taiwan News publisher, Spanswick discussed opportunities of possibly becoming a partner with AIB, or potentially becoming a sponsor for one of the International AIB media awards.

Expressing a mutual interest in, and a commitment to sustainable development and environmental conservation, Luis Ko and Simon Spanswick considered the Science, Nature, and Technology category of AIB awards as a possible category for sponsorship.

During his visit, Spanswick was also gracious enough to allow Taiwan News an exclusive interview, where he shared his perspective on AIB as well as the current media landscape in Asia and across the globe. Keep an eye out for the interview from Taiwan News.