Bubble Tea design for new Taiwanese banknote described as 'cute' and 'creative'

Should Taiwanese currency reflect the island's food culture?

Bubble Tea design for a proposed NT$50 banknote

Bubble Tea design for a proposed NT$50 banknote

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – How would residents in Taiwan feel about a New Taiwan Dollar banknote designed using popular snacks and beverages of the island?

One design for the competition in search of a new look for the island's banknotes takes things in that direction with a proposed NT$ 50 banknote depicting Taiwan’s famous bubble milk tea.

After all, night market snacks and Taiwan’s variety of drink shops are a special characteristic of the country. Perhaps, a NT$ 100 banknote with a stinky tofu design would match the NT$ 50 bubble tea note?

Some comments reported by SETN suggest the bubble milk tea design really is a great example of creativity, but other comments say that it looks like play money, and is “just a bit too cute.”

Former DPP legislator Gao Jyh-peng (高志鵬) made the original proposal to the Central Bank committee to find a new design for the country’s banknotes, and an online competition to vote for the most popular design began on Friday, Feb. 2

Check out some other designs here, and if you can navigate the webpage (in Chinese) then anyone with a Facebook account can vote once a day until the contest ends on Feb. 25.

Currently the leading design, with close to 12,000 votes, is a five banknote set depicting native wildlife of Taiwan, as well as the famous Taipei 101 building.

The wildlife theme designs are leading in the online voting (Image from the competition's website)