Second accusation of illegal Taiwan trade with North Korea this week

Taiwanese businessman suspected of forging documents then selling diesel to North Korea in East China Sea


A Taiwanese merchant is accused of selling to North Korea. (By Wikimedia Commons)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Taiwanese man, Chuang Chin-hung (莊錦宏), is suspected of selling 7,000 tons of diesel fuel to North Korea.

A cargo ship, originally named “Paradise Bay” (天堂灣) in English, was bought by Chuang last October and renamed Jin Hye (金穗輪), according to CNA. 

The Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office accused Chuang and others of sailing the Jin Hye into the East China Sea and transferring 7,000 tons of diesel fuel to North Korean ships last December.

Departure records show Chuang made several trips last November and December. Prosecutors suspect that he forged an export declaration document as heading for Hong Kong and once in the East China Sea made the switch.

These allegations run contrary to United Nations Security Council sanctions again North Korea.

Chuang was released Thursday on a NT$2 million (US$68,000) bail, reported the Liberty Times.

This is the second allegation of Taiwanese illegally trading with North Koreans within a week. Earlier this week a former judge was named a suspect for trading coal with North Korea.