Photo of the Day: Snowman in Shei-Pa National Park

Snowman appears at Taiwan's Shei-Pa National Park after the park's Xueshan sees 30 cm of snow

Snowman in Shei-Pa National Park.

Snowman in Shei-Pa National Park. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A day after 30 centimeters of snow fell on Xueshan, a photo of a snowman is captured today (Feb. 2) at Shei-Pa National Park.

As a the strongest cold surge of the winter is poised to blast into Taiwan this evening, elevations between 3,000 to 2,000 are expected to see more snow in Shei-Pa National Park, with police advising visitors to exercise caution. In northern Taiwan, elevations above 1,000 meters, including Yangmingshan, could see snowfall, while in central Taiwan, elevations above 2,000 meters could see snowfall.

Chuang Ming-hsien (莊明憲), head of the fifth division of the Seventh Special Police Corps, in an interview with CNA said that Shei-Pa National Park's Dalu Forest Road (大鹿林道) leading to the Guanwu Recreation Area is subject to closures due to weather conditions. Once it snows and the road becomes icy, it will be closed to traffic, thus anyone who had taken it and had not yet come down could be stuck on the mountain.

Chuang advised those planning to head to the park over the weekend to first make a risk assessment, prepare snow equipment and check weather and traffic conditions ahead of time.

Snow-covered trees on Xueshan. (CNA image)

Patch of snow Xueshan nearing the 30 cm mark. (CNA image)