Strongest cold surge of winter set to drop mercury to 6 degrees in Taiwan

The strongest cold surge of the winter is poised to drop the temperature to 6 degrees across Taiwan

30 cm of snow on Xueshan Feb. 1.

30 cm of snow on Xueshan Feb. 1. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The strongest cold surge of the winter is set to batter Taiwan from Saturday through Tuesday, bringing the temperature down to 6 degrees Celsius across the nation, said Central Weather Bureau (CWB) forecaster Chang Cheng-chuan (張承傳) in a CNA report.

As a strong cold wave continues to affect Taiwan today, Chang said that open and coastal areas will see a low temperature of 10 degrees. In northern Taiwan the temperature will range between 12 to 15 degrees, central Taiwan will range between 12 to 18 degrees and southern Taiwan will see a range of 14 to 21 degrees.

As the coldest cold surge of the winter moves south into Taiwan tonight, the entire country will feel frigid temperatures, with open areas plummeting below 6 degrees and urban areas plunging to 7 degrees.

Chang stressed that the coldest days of the surge will be Sunday and Monday, with highs in northern Taiwan not exceeding 10 degrees with bitter cold temperatures expected to last a solid 48 hours. Elevations above 1,000 meters in northern Taiwan, including Yangmingshan, could see snowfall, while in central Taiwan, elevations above 2,000 meters could see snowfall.

Chang said the cold surge will not weaken until the daytime on Wednesday, when temperatures should finally begin to rise across Taiwan. However due to lingering water vapor in the air over northern Taiwan, the weather in that area will continue to be unstable for the coming week, with more rain still likely. Central and southern Taiwan will see cloudy skies, with rain likely in mountainous areas.

Updated : 2020-12-02 00:01 GMT+08:00