Gogoro 2 Deluxe launches in Taiwan

Gogoro launches the Gogoro 2 Deluxe in Taiwan

Gogoro 2 Deluxe. (Gogoro website)

Gogoro 2 Deluxe. (Gogoro website)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Gogoro announced the launch of its latest model, the Gogoro 2 Deluxe, at a press conference on Wednesday (Jan. 31), reported TechNews.

The Gogoro Deluxe 2 will come in metallic gray and pearl white, with a special gloss coating and will include a retro-color synthetic leather double seat with an aluminum alloy badge. After government subsidies are deducted, the Gogoro Deluxe 2 will sell for as low as NT$52,800.

The rear view mirror, handrails, pedals among other parts will be electroplated, while the front fork, rim, and rear shocks will be decorated with a rich titanium silver finish, to enhance the overall luxurious texture and highlight the body lines.

Gogoro 2 Deluxe launches in Taiwan
Pearl white model. (Image from Gogoro website)

As for its lights, the Gogoro 2 Deluxe will have an improved the distance and width of its LED headlights by over 50 percent.

When it comes to security, the new deluxe model will come with the iQ System 4.1, a dual anti-theft lock that can be opened with a smart phone, fingerprints, facial recognition or authentication passwords.

In addition, if a person attempts to insert an exchangeable battery into a stolen Gogoro scooter, the battery switching station will take the initiative to lock the battery out, and the stolen scooter will have no power to drive, thus achieving the goal of inhibiting theft.

Gogoro 2 Deluxe launches in Taiwan
Gray model. (Image from Gogoro website)

The Gogoro 2 Deluxe is now officially on the market with a retail price before subsidies of NT$86,800. Customers may purchase the vehicle at Gogoro stores or authorized dealers.

Those with a household registration (hukou) in Taoyuan City who wish to replace their old two-stroke scooters, the subsidy for new scooters is up to NT$34,000, meaning that a person buying a Gogoro 2 Deluxe will enjoy a discounted price of NT$52,800.