Consumer Alert: My Cafe instant coffee from Malaysia may contain poisonous chemicals

The "Durian White" flavor of coffee mix has poisoned five in Malaysia


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – It has been reported that authorities in Malaysia have found harmful substances in an My Café brand of instant coffee mix from the Malaysian company Coffee Tree.

Five people were reportedly made ill from drinking the “Durian White” flavor instant coffee mix. The My Café coffee mix has already been exported to Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, China, and other locations.

According to Malaysian media, two Nepalese security guards and three ethnic Chinese-Malaysians were sent to a hospital after drinking the coffee.

The Health Minister of Malaysia has stated that a chemical substance in the coffee poisoned the individuals.

In response to the news, the company that manufactures the My Café instant coffee said that in seven years of making the product it has never caused this kind of sickness before.

The company sales manager Wang Yongxin (王永新) has said that the company conducts quality control checks twice every day, but will fully cooperate with authorities, reports Liberty Times.

There is some speculation that a batch of the product may have been intentionally poisoned by an outside party.

Anyone who has purchased the product in Taiwan in recent weeks should be careful to avoid ingesting the coffee mix.