First batch of direct-hiring OFWs from Davao arrives in Taiwan

The arrival of the group marks a milestone in successful cooperation between MECO, POEA, Davao City, and I-Mei Foods Co.


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) --The first batch of direct-hiring Overseas Foreign Workers from Davao, Mindanao island in the Philippines, arrived at the I-Mei Foods Co. factory in Taoyuan on Thursday morning and received a big warm welcome from the staff of the company.

After a nap and a lavish meal, the workers participated in their job orientation at the auditorium of the factory and received their employee badge, officially joining the big family. In their job orientation, the coordinator educated the newcomers about the values, history, and managers of the company.

As Taiwan’s longtime role model in food safety, the coordinator also reiterated the importance of food safety and emphasized the personal hygiene of each staff working in the frontline with food products.

The arrival of the group marks a milestone in the successful cooperation between MECO, POEA​, Davao City, and I-Mei Foods Co. The food company held a series of direct-hiring interviews and orientations in November 2017 in Davao City, which is the first of its kind by a Taiwanese company in the city on the southern island of Mindanao.

Besides sparing the OFWs the burden of hefty brokerage fees, the company also offers to cover their tickets and visa fees which is rarely heard in the food industry across Taiwan.

To carry out corporate social responsibility, I-Mei CEO Luis Ko decided to set up a foothold in Davao in the hope of offering job opportunities to the southern islanders as well as narrowing down the urban-rural gap in the Philippines.

The second batch of OFWs from the direct-hiring program is expected to arrive in early March in succession, and according to I-Mei Foods, the next direct-hiring plan is already on the way.