Photo of the Day: Room with a view in Hualien

British blogger photographs a sofa in an abandoned building with the perfect view of Hualien's coastline, just before sunset

Image captured by Facebook user @lenpeps.

Image captured by Facebook user @lenpeps.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A British blogger has captured the ultimate cure for the modern world, a sofa in a simple structure facing the beautiful blue sea just before sunset in Hualien.

The 31-year-old blogger, who goes by the handle Lenpep, says that he found the tiny cinder block building while driving down Provincial Highway 11 in Hualien just before sunset on Jan. 15 of this year and posted it on his Facebook page @lenpeps that same day.

Lenpep said the spot was a random find when he was touring the east coast of Taiwan with his mother. He said that he enjoys finding little hidden buildings during his travels in Taiwan.

As for this elegantly simple find, he said, "Looks like it was nothing more than a secluded and quiet place to have a beer while watching the waves through the window!"

(Image by @lenpeps)