Google Doodle commemorates Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng

Google Doodle celebrates late Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng's 65th birthday today

(image screenshot from Youtube)

(image screenshot from Youtube)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwanese Diva, Teresa Teng (鄧麗君) is being commemorated by Google Doodle today (Jan. 29) for her music and talent which helped her gain immense popularity in Taiwan and much of East Asia.

Today is what would be the late singer's 65th birthday. In order to celebrate her birthday, Google Doodle paid tribute to one of Teng's most famous songs in the Chinese speaking world, "The Moon Represents My Heart."

On the Google homepage, a doodle featuring an illustration of Miss Teng in a white elegant dress, holding a microphone and singing passionately under the bright moonlight was released in several countries including Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Sweden, and Australia. Though she also has a huge following in China, the image will not be accessible there as Google is blocked by the Great Firewall of China.

(Photo courtesy of Google)

Teresa Teng was born on this day in 1953 in Taiwan and became one of the "Five Great Asian Divas" because of the sweetness of her voice combined with a melancholy emotion. Teng's popularity was widespread in the 70s and 80s with several songs in different languages. She died from a severe asthma attack in 1995, at the age of 42.