Woman dies after sudden heart failure at Taipei plastic surgery clinic

A 70 year old woman was preparing to undergo a minimally invasive hemorrhoid treatment procedure

(Image from Unsplash user Piron Guillaume)

(Image from Unsplash user Piron Guillaume)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Another death was reported last week involving a plastic surgery clinic in Taipei, this week. On Jan. 25 reports emerged about a 70 year old woman who suffered what appeared to be a cardiac shock before being administered anesthesia for a standard hemorrhoid surgery.

A 70 year old woman, surnamed Jiang (江) was preparing for her operation at the Instyle plastic surgery clinic in Taipei on Zhong Hsiao East rd. on Jan. 15, at approximately 1 p.m. According to reports, she had not yet received the anesthesia for her operation, but was preparing to do so in the operating room, when she suddenly went into cardiac arrest.

Although she was rushed to a hospital and successfully resuscitated once nearly an hour after the emergency began, her condition continued to deteriorate and she was pronounced dead at National Taiwan University Hospital shortly after 8 p.m. that evening, reports Liberty Times.

As of Saturday Jan. 27, her official cause of death had not yet been released, although an autopsy has reportedly been performed. The NTU hospital physicians have suggested that a “perforated gastrointestinal tract resulting in hemorrhagic shock” may have been the cause, according to reports.

The woman’s family says that they are shocked by the sudden death. They said that recently the woman had been suffering from both insomnia and pain associated with hemorrhoids.

The clinic insists they followed procedure, and that anesthesia had not yet been given to the patient.

This is the third incident involving the plastic surgery business in Taipei within a short time.

Last week, on Jan. 23, a tourist from Hong Kong died because of issues that arose during a liposuction operation. The accident appears to be related to the anesthesia she received during the procedure.

And also in the past few days, a prominent plastic surgeon has been accused of rape by a woman he was allegedly dating. She has charged that he drugged her and sexually assaulted her while she was sedated. He is currently out on bail.