I-Mei milk tea pops up in Taiwan exams

Students mentioned milk tea in essay about 'forming a long line'

I-Mei Milk Tea (photo courtesy of lavender040377, Instagram).

I-Mei Milk Tea (photo courtesy of lavender040377, Instagram).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – As the English-language section of the university entrance examinations in Taiwan Saturday featured the subject “form a long line,” students were reminded of the recent craze centered on the milk tea (厚奶茶) from I-Mei Foods Co. (義美食品).

A student from Kaohsiung told the Central News Agency that writing a piece about the topic of long lines was not so difficult, since it was enough to look at daily life and to remember the craze surrounding milk tea, since she had also gone queuing for the product at the time.

Most students interviewed by CNA said Saturday’s exam was not really that difficult, since the topic had been taken from a common phenomenon in Taiwan.

Some students said they once had lined up a long time to obtain souvenirs and memorabilia linked to celebrities but that it was not necessary to follow sudden crazes. Another student had focused his attention on a sandwich mentioned by the media, but he found that in the end, the product was not all that tasty.