Taipei Police Commissioner visits high schools to promote anti-drug campaign

The Taipei City Police Department (TCPD) is working with high schools to actively promote “Concrete Measures against Drug Abuse” before the upcoming winter vacation

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Before the upcoming winter vacation, the Taipei City Police Department (TCPD) is working with high schools to actively promote “Concrete Measures against Drug Abuse.”

The efforts are part of the Executive Yuan’s “New Generation’s Guideline of Anti-Drug Strategy,” and the goal of the campaign is to raise student’s awareness on the dangers of drug abuse.

The TCPD has been working with the Bureau of Education and local schools of all levels to arrange the visits police officers and social workers from the Juvenile Development Committee to schools to give presentations on the topic.

Over the past week, Taipei Police Commissioner Chen Jia-Chang spearheaded the effort to educate high school students about the negative impacts of drug use. He explained to students about the physical and mental risks associated with drug-use and taught them that they should try to resist their temptations.

Chen's message was well received by the teachers and students. By honestly educating students on the risks and dangers of drugs, young people will be better able say no to drugs, if they are ever offered drugs by someone they know.

Police have recently seized several batches of illegal drugs that were disguised as snacks and candies. Chen explained in the presentation that consuming such substances unknowingly could have serious side effects.

In the“Eight Tips against Drug Abuse” portion of the presentation, the Commissioner explained that developing positive hobbies to relieve stress is a much better option than consuming drugs.

Commissioner Chen emphasized that if students ever have problems related to drugs that they shouldn't hesitate to discuss the matter with a parent or a teacher. there is also a drug abuse center and a hotline that students can use for emergencies.

More information can be found on the center and the campaign to fight drug abuse among teenagers can be found on the TCPD website here.