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Grand Hyatt Taipei kowtows to Beijing by listing Taiwan as 'Taiwan Area'

Grand Hyatt Taipei grovels to Chinese Communist Party and changes country name to 'Taiwan Area'

Grand Hyatt Taipei.

Grand Hyatt Taipei. (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In the latest case of corporate kowtowing to China, Taiwanese customers discovered that the address of the Grand Hyatt Taipei was recently changed from "Taiwan" to "Taiwan Area," reported Apple Daily.

On the home page of the Grand Hyatt Taipei website, Taiwanese netizens discovered that the city and country listed under the address had been changed from "Taipei, Taiwan" to "Taipei, Taiwan Area" in both Chinese and English language versions. Taiwanese netizens, already furious over similar changes made hotel websites in China, felt that arbitrarily modifying the name for Taiwan on a website in country itself was the ultimate humiliation.

Grand Hyatt Taipei kowtows to Beijing by listing Taiwan as 'Taiwan Area'
(Image from Grand Hyatt Taipei website)

Representatives of Grand Hyatt Taipei said that the website is managed from the corporate headquarters, they had not been informed of the matter or the details of the change and they are currently in contact with headquarters over the incident.

After the name change was publicized on numerous Taiwanese media outlets yesterday (Jan. 24), the country name Grant Hyatt Taipei's homepage was quietly restored to "Taiwan" in both English and Chinese versions.

The incident is that latest in a growing list of corporations that have kowtowed to China and removed Taiwan's status as a country from their websites. Recent examples include Qantas Airlines, Delta Airlines, fashion chain Zara, and hotel giant Marriott.

Updated : 2022-01-26 20:09 GMT+08:00