Taiwan ranks second in Asia for time spent playing mobile games: Google

Taiwan was one of the top 5 markets of Google Play in 2017


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan is one of top 5 major markets for Google Play, and ranked second in the Asian region for the percentage of time spent playing mobile games per week, according to the Director of Google Play in the Asia Pacific.

Taiwanese people like playing mobile games. People can be seen in many public places, like the bus, the MRT, or on the sidewalk, playing on their mobile phones..

In a speech on Jan. 24, the Director of Google Play in the Asia Pacific region, James Sanders, shared his observations on Google Play’s market trends in 2017 as well as his outlook and vision for the Taiwan market in 2018, reported CNA.

Sanders revealed the top 5 markets for Google Play in the last year were Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, the U.S., and the U.K. He added that the mobile market in Taiwan will continue to develop as 81 percent of Taiwanese citizens own a smartphone and each has an average of 2.7 mobile internet devices.

According to Google’s data, the top three categories of quickly developing mobile game types on the Google Play platform in Taiwan are; stimulation, music, and education.

Additionally, he says that Taiwanese people love playing mobile games, with around 33 percent of people playing games at least once a week, ranking the country second in the Asian region, after Vietnam with 36 percent.

However, Taiwanese developers have limited resources in application development, Sanders said. According to the analysis on Taiwanese mobile developers, the percentage of Taiwanese App developers who train themselves is 56 percent. Only 2 percent of Taiwanese developers have been trained at school, while the global percentage is 75 percent.

Google hopes to help Taiwanese developers access the latest technology, to support more application developers in Taiwan. Google Play is also planning various workshops and events in Taiwan over the coming year, the report said.