Honest advice from an alumnus to the NTU president-elect


Professor Kuan Chung-ming (Photo by Central News Agency and Wikimedia Commons).

Professor Kuan Chung-ming was recently elected president of National Taiwan University as the result of a process which drew nationwide attention.

As soon as the outcome became known, it created enthusiasm, even if only for a short time. The fact that an academic who had not graduated from NTU could win an election to serve as its president proved the school’s tolerance.

Unfortunately, during the process, the fact that Professor Kuan served as an independent board member at Taiwan Mobile was never revealed. As a result, controversy erupted, expanded and has still not abated by now.

The issue led to regrets from personalities across the country, and to hurt feelings for NTU alumni around the world.

The development of the selection process until now has shown Professor Kuan’s first-class speaking talents and his successful use of his friends’ support. Without a doubt, his career has reached a summit.

If Professor Kuan is unable to face all the doubts originating from all sectors of society and continues to insist on the result of the election, it is to be feared that his attitude will harm Taiwan Mobile and even expand to damage the reputation of the whole Fubon Group.

Resigning after taking office is not as good as actively thanking supporters for the recommendation and leaving a positive impression.

I personally believe that considering Professor Kuan’s intelligence and wisdom, he can understand the advice from an NTU alumnus.