Say goodbye to Commune A7, Taipei Sky Tower is on the way!

Preparation for the future high-rise will begin once Commune A7 closes down after Jan.28

Taipei Sky Tower concept image

Taipei Sky Tower concept image (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – An ambitious new development project is officially underway for the Xinyi District of Taipei City. On Jan. 23, city officials, and representatives from the Park Hyatt and Andaz groups and Riant Capital ltd. held a signing ceremony for the planned construction of the Taipei Sky Tower.

The new high rise project will include a department shopping center, as well as restaurants and a performance theater. The Taipei Sky Tower is expected to be opened by late 2020.

The tower will be built on the lot where the Commune A7 market is currently located.

For the past year, Commune A7 has been a very successful container market in Taipei, providing guests with excellent food and drink options in a casual outdoor setting. Commune A7 will be closed after Jan.28, reports Liberty Times.

Then work on the sky tower will begin. The building is the design of famous Italian architect Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel.

The design reflects a spirit of growth, and is intended to look like a stalk of bamboo. The building will be 46 stories tall and combines elements of both Eastern and Western architectural design.

Some of the interior of the structure was designed by Shanghai-based Neri&Hu (如恩設計研究所).

The design for new development will also include a 300 meter long shopping strip connected to the structure that will likely contain outlet stores for designer brands, as well as space for pop-up shops offering interactive exhibits and entertainment.

After a very successful year for Commune A7, the equity fund Riant Capital Ltd. which manages the property where Commune A7 sits and where Taipei Sky Tower will be built, is actively exploring possibilities for future container markets in Taipei.

Liberty Times says there has even been some discussion that the lot with the Adidas basketball courts across from Taipei 101, may be the future site of a container market, but nothing has been confirmed.

Sunday, Jan. 28 is the final day of business for the Commune A7 container market (Image from the Commune A7 website)