Photo of the Day: Shadow of warrior on Qilai Mountain

Silhouette of aborigine warrior appears on Qilai Mountain

(Photo by Hiroshi Chang)

(Photo by Hiroshi Chang)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Landscape photographer Hiroshi Chang (張君宏) on Monday (Jan. 22) posted a spectacular and haunting image of what appears to be the silhouette of a massive Taiwanese aborigine warrior rising from the clouds while holding a knife over his head on the snow-capped Qilai Mountain.

From Song Syue Lodge, Chang recently captured the image of the mysterious warrior standing on Qilai Mountain, which in the indigenous Amis language means "snow-capped peak."

In an interview with Apple Daily, Chang said that every year from December to January starting from 2 p.m. from the last corner of Song Syue Ski Lodge and if skies are clear, the silhouette of the famous warrior defiantly raising an aboriginal long knife over his head can come into view. Appearing on the lower left hand side of the mountain, Chang says it can be seen from Song Syue Lodge all the way to the peak of Shimenshan.

Chang explained the phenomenon is caused by "the mountain terrain and seasonal changes in lighting and shadows." He said that starting at 11 a.m., people can see the knife start to emerge from its sheath.

Silhouette of warrior clearly visible on left side of peak. (Photo by Hiroshi Chang)

Warrior can be seen on left third of image. (Photo by Hiroshi Chang)

Chang isolates the exact spot where the outline of the warrior is seen. (Photo by Hiroshi Chang)

Still from the film "Seediq Bale" in which Mona Rudao, chief of the Seediq tribe, raises his long knife.