Taiwanese woman raped by man she met on Tinder in Colorado

Taiwanese woman raped by a man she met on Tinder in Boulder, Colorado after she insisted he use a condom

Scott Fisher (Boulder County Sheriff's Office)

Scott Fisher (Boulder County Sheriff's Office)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- While traveling in Boulder, Colorado, a Taiwanese woman has reported being raped by a man who she met on the casual dating app Tinder after she insisted he use a condom, reported the Boulder County News.

While traveling in the U.S. in April of last year, the Taiwanese woman downloaded the dating app Tinder, and found a match with the suspect, Scott Fisher, 48.

They began messaging each other on April 9 and agreed to meet at a coffee shop in downtown Boulder later that day. After meeting, Fisher offered to take her sightseeing in his truck.

Fisher then drove her to a secluded turnout in Boulder Canyon where he began to kiss her while still in the vehicle.

Though Fisher had said that he had a condom, he attempted to have sex with her without using it. She insisted that he wear a condom and tried to shield herself and push him away, but he then raped her, according to an arrest affidavit.

After Fisher drove her back to her car, she immediately checked into a hospital to receive a medical examination for rape. She then filed a report of sexual assault to the Boulder County Sheriff's Office.

The following day, with detectives present, she called Fisher to record his response to the previous day's incident. During the call, Fisher claimed that he did not hear her objections to having sex without a condom, and then reportedly said, "I don't think it went great, but I didn't think it went totally bad, and now I feel kind of creepy."

After an investigation, Fisher was arrested on Monday (Jan. 22) for one charge of sexual assault for last year's alleged incident and is being held in the Boulder County Jail and is awaiting a bond hearing. Though Fisher has accumulated a number of traffic violations, he has no previous record of violent criminal offenses.

Tinder is notorious in the West for being a quick "hookup app" for one night stands with strangers, though it markets itself simply as "the world's most popular app for meeting new people." However, in the case of Taiwan, many Taiwanese women interpret it as a way to meet friends rather than for sexual encounters.