Taiwanese artist features in 2018 Artrooms Fair London

Jerome Chia-Horng Lin is the only Taiwanese artist to demonstrate his art at the show

Jerome Chia-Horng Lin (林佳鴻) at the 2018 Artrooms Fair London

Jerome Chia-Horng Lin (林佳鴻) at the 2018 Artrooms Fair London (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwanese artist Jerome Chia-Horng Lin (林佳鴻) overcame thousand of applicants to display his artworks at 2018 Artrooms Fair London, reported by CNA.

Artrooms Fair London, which took place at Melia White House Hotel from Jan. 19-22, is an international contemporary art fair for independent artists which highlights worldwide art trends.

As one of the 70 selected artists in the exhibition, Lin presented 27 oil canvas paintings and 3 computer animation pictures in a series named Water.

Wearing an egg-yolk outfit, Lin said people are very curious about the appearance of "egg" in his paintings. He explained that the main feature in his works is "egg", which represents the resources and nutrition for humans and also marks the beginning of life.

The event, which does not require venue fees, attracted 1,100 applications from independent artists worldwide and only 70 artists were selected to display their works in 70 rooms at the hotel.

Every selected artist is allowed to freely decorate their room in accordance with their style and transform the room into a small gallery.

Check out Jerome Chia-Horng Lin's website to see more of his works.