80% of Taiwanese office workers seek employment abroad: survey

Top three most attractive destinations are Japan, the U.S., and Southeast Asia

image by Pixabay

image by Pixabay

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A survey conducted by an online manpower company showed that more than 80 percent of office workers are looking for employment with a higher salary, outside of Taiwan .

The weeks following the Lunar New Year are usually an ideal time for companies to recruit and workers to switch jobs. The latest survey done by TaiwanJobs reported that 60.6 percent of Taiwan's businesses have plans to recruit during the first quarter.

Meanwhile, a survey conducted by yes123 revealed what office workers consider when they are begin planning to hop from one job to the next. Among 811,000 workers who want to change jobs, 82.2 percent of them are looking for opportunities outside Taiwan. Additionally, they hope to receive a 2.3 times higher salary in a new position.

The survey also announced the top five popular destinations for many young Taiwanese workers include; Japan (38.8 percent), the United States (37.6 percent), Southeast Asia (36.4 percent), Hong Kong or Macau (34.8 percent), Australia or New Zealand (28.8 percent).

Regarding salary, which is an important element for many job-hunters, the survey revealed the average salary for a new employee is around NT$31,873; meanwhile, a foreign company can offer a higher salary, which on average is around NT$36,719.