After dividing Taiwan nine ways, the artist decided to keep going

The latest image in this series shows Taiwan divided in 36 ways

Image taken from Taiwanball's facebook page

Image taken from Taiwanball's facebook page

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After being inspired by a similar map of Europe made by Yanko Tsvetov, an artist who goes by the name of Taiwanball had on Saturday Jan 20, created extra 27 more ways, in addition to the first 9 ways to divide Taiwan according to the most obvious situations, for a total of 36 ways.

Taiwan News published a story on the first image, but the artist has since created some more amusing ways that Taiwan can be divided.

When previously interviewed by Taiwan News, the artist mentioned his inspiration behind such art for which he gave credit to the European artist Yanko Tsvetkob for creating a map that showed "20 ways to Break Europe."

In the latest edition, the artist has included subjects like weather, Taiwan's history, styles of riding motorcycle s, Taiwanese housing styles, local transportation systems, and different type of religious practices that exists around the country.

The previous nine ways were: