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Taiwan's TSMC ranks as the world's No. 7 tech giant after Apple

12 Taiwanese tech leaders also make it to the world's top 100 list, while only 3 come from China

Taiwan's TSMC ranks as the world's No. 7 tech giant after Apple

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwanese contract chip maker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) joins U.S. tech giants Microsoft, Intel, Alphabet and Apple to be named as one of the world’s top 10 firms in technology sector. Another 12 Taiwanese technology leaders also make it to the top 100 list, with only three spots grabbed by their Chinese counterparts.

Thomson Reuters unveiled a list of world’s top 100 technology companies on Wednesday, which were selected based on their financial performance, management and investor confidence, risk and resilience, legal compliance, innovation, people and social responsibilities, environmental impact, and reputation.

The report says only through the good practices of the eight gauges can they stand out from the ever-changing and highly competitive business world.

In the list, U.S. tech giant Microsoft snaps top spot, the chip flaw scandal-ridden Intel comes second, and is followed by other U.S. tech giants Cisco, IBM, Alphabet, and Apple. Taiwanese semiconductor foundry TSMC ranks No. 7, followed by Germany’s SAP, Texas Instruments of the U.S., and Ireland’s Accenture.

45 percent of the top 100 tech firms are headquartered in the U.S. Taiwan and Japan are the next most prolific regions securing 13 spots respectively, while China was left far behind with only three tech firms on the list, including Lenovo, Tencent, and ZTE.

The other 12 Taiwanese companies in the list are: Acer, ASE, ASUS, LiteOn, Nanya Tech, Pegatron, Powertech, Qisda, Quanta Computer, SPIL, UMC, and Wistron.

Updated : 2021-06-19 19:54 GMT+08:00