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Taiwan's Board of Science and Technology announces ambitious plan for AI development

A four year plan that calls for training over 20,000 specialists

(Image from the BOST webpage)

(Image from the BOST webpage) (Agencies photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Board of Science and Technology of the Executive Yuan is making plans to be a central player in the drive to develop AI technology. The Board recently announced that it was planning an ambitious campaign to cultivate AI technology in Taiwan.

At a conference held on Jan. 18, the organization outlined a four year plan, which is comprised of five areas for investment and development.

The five areas of focus are; recruiting and training talent in fields related to AI, establishing leadership and strategies to navigate AI development, constructing an international platform for AI innovation, addressing legal issues and restrictions regarding expanding AI research, and lastly directing industries in Taiwan to begin coordinating and investing in AI technologies.

The plan calls for an AI Innovation Media Platform to be developed, and to train 20,000 professionals in AI related fields before the year 2021. The Secretary of the Board of Science and Technology, Cai Zhihong (蔡志宏) says that between NT$9 and NT$10 billion to be spent on the project every year, reports Liberty Times.

The goal is to train thousands of young aspiring technicians, engineers, and programmers over the next four years, in addition to a few hundred experts in the legal field to navigate and consult over issues involving AI in society. Several other hundred technicians and experts in smart and wireless technologies are also required by the plans.

Updated : 2021-05-14 09:49 GMT+08:00