Carrefour in Taiwan offers incredible discounts up to 67% off for Lunar New Year’s sale

(Image provided by Carrefour)

(Image provided by Carrefour)

SPONSORED STORY – The Lunar New Year is still a few weeks away, but the New Year Celebrations have already begun at Carrefour locations in Taiwan. In the weeks leading up to the New Year, they have announced some major discounts on thousands of products nation-wide.

Building on the success of New Year’s Sales campaigns in previous years, this year Carrefour is offering their largest discounts ever, with some products marked down by as much as 67 percent*.

Items that are being offered at special discount prices include lots of items that people will typically want to celebrate the holidays, including; cookies, cakes, gift packages, cleaning supplies, and even some household tools and home appliances.

In addition to the store-wide discount, customers with the E. Sun Bank Carrefour pass and credit card will still receive full price rebates for the discounted purchases, and can receive up to four percent in cash back rewards.

Carrefour PR Manager Lin Mengshao (林夢紹) said that this year the company has put a lot of effort into offering food products of exceptional quality, while keeping the highest standards of food safety.

In addition to selling turnip cakes from a Michelin ranked restaurant, the supermarket chain is also offering Alaskan red king crab legs, fresh Abalone, Canadian surf clams, frozen lobster, and huge selection of other excellent seafood.

Customers can also choose from a selection of seasonal gift boxes and special treats to enjoy with their families and friends over the Lunar New Year holiday including snacks from famous confectionaries like Macau’s Pasteleria Yeng Kee, Maxim’s Caterers from Hong Kong, and Taipei’s own Wu Pao Chun Bakery.

Din Tai Fung’s Longan Cakes, and Olympia Foods pineapple cake gift boxes are also available at surprisingly good prices.

Then there is the incredible 67 percent* discount being offered on the cooking sets from German brand Zwilling.

Lin said that the weeks before and after Lunar New Year, cleaning supplies and kitchen goods are often necessary purchases that families will make. That’s why there are so many great deals being offered such goods, to help customers get their homes spotless and comfortable before the Lunar New Year, and also deals on kitchenware to help families prepare those perfect family meals for their loved ones.

*The first publication of this article mistakenly noted a 77 percent discount on the Zwilling brand kitchenware. It should have been 67 percent. Taiwan News apologizes for the error.