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Google makes Artificial Intelligence easier with Cloud Auto ML

Smaller companies will also be able to use AI

Google to launch Cloud AutoML Vision. (Image courtesy of Google)

Google to launch Cloud AutoML Vision. (Image courtesy of Google)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In order to lower barriers for the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Google is launching Cloud AutoML, which allows customers to create a machine learning model with service starting within one day.

The new technology will allow even smaller companies to introduce AI into their work processes, the Liberty Times reported Thursday.

Until now, Google had been providing other companies with standardized building blocks for AI, but those enterprises needed to customize models with their own data, ZDNet reported.

Cloud AutoML will offer technology to create a machine learning model, initially for vision and later for translation, video and natural language processing, according to ZDNet.

Google says its main aim is to use its research and technology to democratize data, which will result in models that are quickly ready for production while also providing a higher quality.

Disney and Urban Outfitters would be among the first customers likely to use Cloud AutoML Vision, reports said.

Updated : 2021-05-11 23:02 GMT+08:00