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Upcoming Events for Taipei, Jan. 19 through Jan. 25

The Taiwan New Year Market Fair, The Taipei Game Show, and world figure skating championships; Taipei is an exciting place to be

Taipei Game Show 2007 (Image from Flickr user adaK)

Taipei Game Show 2007 (Image from Flickr user adaK)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The New Year is well underway, and Taiwan News hopes everyone is enjoying their Winter this year. For those of you in the Taipei area looking for some entertainment in the upcoming week, here is a list of interesting upcoming events for the week of Jan. 19 to Jan. 25.

Conventions, Festivals, and Exhibitions

Upcoming Events for Taipei, Jan. 19 through Jan. 25

Gamers and tech-lovers in Taiwan, a second Christmas is arriving in Taipei next weekend with the 2018 Taipei Game Show, and Asia Pacific Game Summit (APGS). The event will be held at the World Trade Center in Xinyi District Jan. 25 and Jan. 26. After the showcase for industry professional and the APGS, the event will continue with the B2C Zone, which is open to the general public from Jan. 26 to Jan. 29.

The Taipei Game Show is the largest indie game festival in Asia, and 311 booths with game developers from 35 countries are expected to be present. Go ahead and get your passes for the B2C Zone tradeshow to catch the latest developments in the gaming industry! Virtual reality related products are expected to be especially exciting this year.

This week is an excellent opportunity to sample some of the best products in Taiwan at the Taiwan New Year Market Fair running from Jan. 18 to Jan. 22. The event is hosted by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). The market is being hosted at the Taiwan World Trade Center. There will be an incredible array of food and products, as well as specialty gifts and showcase of innovative products for daily living. Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the New Year while also supporting Taiwan’s homegrown food and service industry. Best of all, admission is Free!

Upcoming Events for Taipei, Jan. 19 through Jan. 25

From Jan. 22 to Jan. 27, Taipei will be hosting the ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships. Taiwan will welcome athletes from 64 different countries for the annual competition. The ISU championships are a rare opportunity for residents in Taiwan to witness world-class figure skaters in action, and it will serve as a great appetizer for people excited about the upcoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang Korea. Competitions will be held at the Taipei Multipurpose Arena in Songshan.

Upcoming Events for Taipei, Jan. 19 through Jan. 25

The Guandu Flower Festival continues this week at the Beitou-Shilin Technology Park. Spend a leisurely day off strolling in a sea of wonderful flowers. The Guandu Flower festival will run through the end of February.

Upcoming Events for Taipei, Jan. 19 through Jan. 25

Food, Drink, and Market events

MAJI Square at Yuanshan has two upcoming events this weekend. First, for families with pets MAJI Square is teaming up again with Pettalk to offer checkups for all the furry friends in the New Year. The event runs Saturday, Jan. 20 from one to five p.m.

Also on Saturday afternoon, those interested in local fashion design should definitely check out the newest exhibition from two designers, INF and ERICHAOLIC. The runway shows are set to begin at 3:30p.m., but guests should try to arrive a bit earlier. A special discounted pre-release market for the new collection will be open at the 5X5 market space from Jan. 20 following the runway show, to Jan. 28. People who purchase an item will also receive free admission to club Triangle for the evening.

Music, Dance, and Entertainment

For those of you excited for the upcoming Super Bowl of American Football, there’s no better place in Taipei to enjoy the conference championships than at the Brass Monkey in Xinyi. They will be hosting live viewings of both division games on the morning of Monday Jan.22. Jacksonville at New England for the AFC begins at 4:00a.m. Minnesota at Philadelphia for the NFC starts at 7:40a.m.

Upcoming Events for Taipei, Jan. 19 through Jan. 25

If you're looking to get out on a Thursday night to try some excellent beer and make some good friends, look no further that "Boozy Bingo" at Taipei's Beer Geek Micropub next Thursday, Jan. 25. Boozy Bingo is sponsored by Foxes Rock Irish Ales, and boasts an "Authentic Bingo Wrangler" and awesome prizes for the winners. Check it out!

Upcoming Events for Taipei, Jan. 19 through Jan. 25

National Theater and Concert Hall

After the many wonderful New Year’s performances at the National Theater and Concert Hall in early January, things are slowing down at the national venue. However, there are still two upcoming performances this week , that are sure to impress.

First, the Kaohsiung City Ballet company is bringing their talent to audiences in Taipei with their “2018 Dance Shoe” performance. There are two performances planned at the National Theater (Experimental Theater Hall) for Saturday evening Jan. 20 at 7:30p.m., and. Sunday afternoon, Jan. 21at 2:30p.m.

Upcoming Events for Taipei, Jan. 19 through Jan. 25

Also at the National Theater is a four day run of the production “The Rainbow of Time” (時光電影院) put on by the Mr. Wing Theater Company. The story’s themes revolve around memory, growing up and reflecting on the past. A young girl who grows up without a mother, finds an important connection to her mother through her experiences at the cinema.

Upcoming Events for Taipei, Jan. 19 through Jan. 25

Walking Tours and Hiking around Taipei

Free walking tours of Taipei sponsored by the Department of Information and Tourism are available regularly every weekend. Check out the Historic walking tour that starts at Longshan MRT Station.

Or in the afternoon, the Golden Age Walking tour is available Saturday or Sunday at 3p.m. starting at Ximen station. Both tours last about 2.5 hours, and are free of charge. Just remember to register first, and find more info on other tour options at the Like it Formosa webpage.

Regular Hangouts

Upcoming Events for Taipei, Jan. 19 through Jan. 25
Image from Flickr user Anthony van Dyck

If you want to put your English to use and enjoy an open forum to discuss different topics and hear presentations in English, check out the iEnglish Club English Gathering every Saturday.

The Rethinking Ourselves group also offers a forum called RO Studio discussions to practice English one or two Fridays out of each month, with small groups discussing important current trends and topics. The topic for Friday, Jan. 19 is entitled "Why Welfare States are Important."

There is also a new weekly meet-up group called Taipei Language Café. The group plans to meet every Friday at Tipsy Taipei Café and Bar. The event on Jan. 19 starts at 7:00p.m.

The LEIT International Friends Meetup will meet on Sunday Jan. 21 at 6:30 p.m. at the Brass Monkey in Taipei. Those interested are encouraged to bring their business cards. Also at the Brass Monkey, the weekly International Mingle is starting up again on Thursday evenings, join for drinks and fun with an international crowd on Jan. 25. Starts at 8:30p.m.

If you're looking for a family friendly group to practice your English or your Chinese, consider checking out events with Language Exchange Taipei. They are having a free language exchange on Sunday afternoon at Lifehouse Taipei.

The LEIT Language Exchange group regularly hosts a huge number of activities. Check their events page for friendly hangouts and language exchange opportunities. This Saturday Jan. 20, there’s a social networking event at the EPL Steakhouse and Lounge.

Those interested in studying meditation or Buddhism can attend the 2018 series of gatherings entitled "Habits for Happiness" hosted by a Tibetan Buddhist monk Gen Kelsang Tonglam. The series will be held every Thursday from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. through Feb. 8. The topic for Jan.25 is“Forgetting our -Self-.”

And depending on your interests, check this list of meet up groups regularly to see if there is anything up your alley.