Taiwan rated by Freedom House as 2nd freest in Asia, China drops a notch

Taiwan received 93 in Freedom House Freedom in the World Scores for 2018, while China only managed a 14

Screen capture from Freedom House Asia-Pacific report.

Screen capture from Freedom House Asia-Pacific report.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In the 2018 edition of its annual report on freedom around the world, Freedom House gave Taiwan a ranking of 93 out of 100, the second highest in Asia after Japan and a two point improvement over last year, while China received a rating of 14, a one point drop from last year. 

In its report titled "Freedom in the World 2018," Freedom House gave Taiwan top marks for its Freedom Rating, Political Rights, Civil Liberties, which were all the maximum score of 1 (Most Free). It also listed Taiwan's overall freedom status and press freedom status as "Free."

Image from Freedom House's profile report for Taiwan. 

The only other country in Asia with a higher score was Japan with a score of 96. Meanwhile, China dropped from 15 last year, to 14 this year, with its overall freedom status and press freedom status listed as "Not Free."

China received dismal ratings for its freedom, political rights, and civil liberties, with scores of 6.5, 7, and 6, respectively. A score of 7 is Freedom House's lowest score, which it categorizes at "Least Free."

Image from Freedom House's profile report for China. 

The reasons Freedom House listed for China's continued low score across the board and drop this year included Xi's lack of appointing a successor at the CCP's 19th Party Congress in October, escalating internet censorship and surveillance, the ongoing crackdown on civil society, and the death of imprisoned Nobel Peace laureate and democracy activist Liu Xiaobo.