Taiwan's military police history exhibition held in Taipei

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – An exhibition titled "Fidelity of Military Police" opened in Republic of China Armed Forces Museum on Tuesday, showcasing the the history of Taiwan's military police.

At the press conference announcing the opening of the exhibition, Military Police Command chief Hsu Chang (許昌) highlighted the history of the ROC military police, which was established in 1932 by former President Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石).

"Military police have played important roles in ROC history since then, and it was due to our predecessors' sacrifices that we are able to have such a solid foundation today," he said.

Military police are currently responsible for keeping the president safe with its Military Police 202nd Command near the Presidential Office as well as carrying out counter-terrorism operations.

The Military Police Command also has a Forensic Science Center and a military working dog wing, both of which are unique in the ROC's Armed Forces, according to the unit.

The exhibition, which runs until June 15, is the first to be held at the Armed Forces Museum near Ximending since it was closed after one of its exhibits, a Japanese sword, was stolen by an intruder in August 2017.