All outdoor-lovers, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau's camping guide has arrived!

The new website offers detailed info on 84 spectacular campsites throughout Taiwan

Image from Flickr user Morris Photo Box

Image from Flickr user Morris Photo Box

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Campers in Taiwan now have an excellent new resource to help them plan their outings, now that the Taiwan Tourism Bureau unveiled the new online camping companion site.

The site went live on Jan. 16. It was prepared by the Tourism Bureau, with cooperation from a number of government agencies.

In the past, many campers have found it difficult to know which sites were safe or accessible, and often the government has had problems with people camping in areas that are protected sites for conservation.

In order to provide clear information in a concise and convenient manner, the Tourism Bureau has now officially launched a camper's companion page on their site (露營專區). Currently, the information is only available in Chinese, however an English version can likely be expected in the coming months.

Agencies in the Ministry of the Interior, and in the Ministry of Education, along with local government agencies and others, cooperated to create the database after the Tourism Bureau issued the request to begin compiling the information in November of last year, according to reports from Liberty Times.

(Image from Flickr user NCU Mountain Club)

The website provides detailed information on 84 public, officially endorsed, and legal campgrounds throughout Taiwan. The reports say that although Taiwan possesses an estimated 1700-plus campsites, both public and private, less than 5 percent of those reviewed by the tourism Bureau passed inspection to be included on the site.

The next phase planned for the camping companion site, is for the government to determine what sites will require permits, and how the permit process will be managed. Liberty Times reports this phase may be completed sometime in February.

The site also provides “camping tips” on what to bring and what kind of unique sites and wildlife that visitors can look out for on their camping adventures.

While Taiwan possess an incredible amount of stunning natural places for visitors to discover, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau hopes to make the quest for finding a quality campsite more convenient that ever, by offering the Taiwan camper’s companion site.

Go ahead and get packing, because visiting all these great campgrounds will definitely take some time!