Taiwan vows to protect Filipino workers, will not tolerate abuse

There are more than 150,000 overseas Filipino workers in Taiwan


(By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Peter C Y Pan, executive officer of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Center (TECO) in the Philippines assured the country through a statement sent to a local media outlet called the Manila Bulletin that Taiwan will not tolerate any misconduct or mistreatment of the Filipino workers or anybody else.

The statement also points out the similarities between the two nations and explains that Taiwan and the Philippines are not just geographically close but share common values of freedom, democracy, free media, civil society, culture and most of all equality when it comes to human rights.

"As a country which always respects the rule of law and human rights, including that of the OFWs in Taiwan, the Taiwan government and its parliament have done their best to protect the 150,000 OFWs in Taiwan and have treated the OFWs equally the same as the Taiwanese nationals by law," said Pan as quoted by the Manila Bulletin.

The letter was in reaction to some claims being made about alleged mistreatment and manhandling of the Filipinos by their Taiwanese bosses.

"Generally speaking, most of the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Taiwan are fairly treated and relate Taiwan as their second home. The majority of the OFWs are in Taiwan’s high-tech industries. They are treated with dignity and respect, and their human rights are well-protected by the rule of law," continued Pan in the letter.

He further urged the OFWs that should any of them face any kind of discrimination or abuse in any form, they should immediately contact the Taiwanese government or the Manila Economic and Cultural Center in Taipei, which is the de-facto embassy of the Philippines in Taiwan.

"On behalf of the Taiwan government, we can assure the public that we will not tolerate or condone misconducts or abuses of human rights," Pan concluded according to the Manila Bulletin.