Family hopes to receive the body of Vietnamese migrant worker killed in car accident

A 23-year-old Vietnamese migrant worker was killed in a car accident in Taiwan



TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The family of a Vietnamese migrant worker that died in a car accident in Taiwan, is asking to receive the body of their daughter, reported CNA.

The 23-year-old Nguyen Thi Tuyet, along with two other victims was hit in a car accident caused by a drunk driver on Jan. 9 in Changhua County.

The driver of the car, surnamed Zhuo (卓) was found to have a high level of blood alcohol content, 1.15 milligrams per 100, and is now in critical condition after causing the accident.

According to Vietnamese media, Nguyen is the third daughter of an indigent family in central Vietnam. In order to support her family, she decided to take a loan of NT$169,000 (US$5733) to come and work in Taiwan.

Nguyen's father said she planned to go back to Vietnam in the spring break to get married. Unfortunately, she also passed before having paid off all of her debt.

Additionally, the accident happened several days ago, but the body of Nguyen was not yet been able to return to Vietnam. At her temporary residence in Taiwan, her friends have set up a small funeral for a memorial.

Her family in Vietnam is searching for support from charity organizations to help deliver Nguyen's remains back to her hometown.