Taiwanese waitress fired from Australian eatery for saying Taiwan is 'definitely not' part of China

Tensions boiled over when Taiwanese waitress at Australian hot pot spot told her boss Taiwan is 'definitely not' part of China

Hutong Hotpot. (Screen capture from Zomato)

Hutong Hotpot. (Screen capture from Zomato)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Taiwanese woman working as a waitress in a hot pot restaurant in Sydney, Australia was fired by her Chinese boss after she refused to agree with his statement that Taiwan is part of China, reported Apple Daily.

On her Facebook page, a waitress, who media have only identified by the first name of Winnie, said that she had been working at a Chinese restaurant in Sydney called Hutong Hotpot (胡同涮肉). One day, she received a walkie-talkie message from her Chinese boss, who she described as "Mr. Ha," saying "Can I ask you a question?"

She responded, "please speak." He then said, "Does Taiwan belong to China?" She quickly responded "Definitely not!"

After twenty minutes went by, he informed her, "You can leave work now."

Confused, Winnie asked her mainly Chinese coworkers if this was real or a fake, and they laughed at her in response. When Winnie turned in her walkie-talkie and uniform for the day at the main desk, she asked Ha if she would expected to work for the next few days. To which he responded, "No, there is no need for you to come. Pick up your pay on Saturday."

Ha then kicked Winnie out of the Wechat group for the restaurant and soon found another new hire to take her place.

On her Facebook post, Winnie wrote,

"That day, in addition to being dumbfounded, I was also speechless. I consider myself a hardworking and conscientious person. Every time I apply for a job, I get hired right on the spot. Whether Taiwan is part of China or not, that is not related to my work."

Winnie closed by saying, "Although I was upset, I'm happy now that I won't be wasting any more of my time with that boss."