Egypt reshuffles its government, appoints 4 new ministers

CAIRO (AP) — Egypt's parliament has approved a limited Cabinet reshuffle, appointing new ministers for culture, tourism, local development and business.

Approval Sunday by the 596-seat chamber paves the way for President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi to swear in the new ministers.

The new ministers include French-educated Einas Abdel-Dayem, a career flute player currently in charge of the Cairo Opera House, an arts and music complex at the heart of Cairo that has been a beacon of culture for Egyptians since the 1980s.

Another woman, U.S.-educated economist Rania al-Mashat, takes over the tourism portfolio, a key job at a time when Egypt is struggling to revive the lucrative sector decimated by years of turmoil following a 2011 popular uprising.