Diplomats scramble to contain outrage over Trump's remarks

WASHINGTON (AP) — American diplomats are scrambling to salvage their nation's bonds with Africa, Haiti and even the celebrated "special relationship" with Britain after President Donald Trump deeply offended much of the world with the most undiplomatic of remarks.

Trump's vulgar description of African nations and other inflammatory comments are becoming the latest and perhaps most direct test of whether America's global partnership can withstand its president's loose lips. In Washington and far-flung foreign capitals, U.S. officials are launching into urgent cleanup mode.

As world leaders denounce the comments as racist, the State Department says the top U.S. diplomats in Botswana, Senegal and Haiti are being summoned to explain his remark.

In addition to the Africa slur, Trump during a meeting with lawmakers questioned why the U.S. needs more Haitian immigrants.