New fantasy sports game revives sports betting concerns

BOSTON (AP) — A new daily fantasy sports game that lets users hone in on a single NFL playoff game has some gambling experts wondering if the contest inches the industry closer to the territory of sports betting that remains illegal in most of the United States.

The "Showdown" variant offered by leading fantasy sports company DraftKings allows users to pick six athletes from two teams playing against each other in a real-life football game.

But the 2006 federal law that effectively banned online gambling but gave rise to daily fantasy sports requires daily fantasy contests to be based on the performances of athletes in "multiple real-world" sporting events — not just single games. That detail is leading groups that oppose gambling on fantasy sports to question how DraftKings and regulators operate.

DraftKings lawyer Anthony Cabot says "Showdown" is on solid legal ground because the company sought prior approval from state regulators and has so far not received any objections.


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