Taiwan announces traffic restrictions for cherry blossom season at Wuling Farm

Only 6,000 visitors a day to be allowed into the Taichung farm area


(By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Despite the current spell of cold air, the cherry blossom season is still expected to descend on Wuling Farm in Taichung City’s Heping District next month.

In order to avoid the usual scenes of traffic jams on the way up or down, the Ministry of Transportation announced Friday that daily entrance to the farm would be limited to 6,000 people.

Apart from the 1,800 people who can spend the night at local accommodations, all the others need to arrive by public transportation or tour bus, at least for the period from February 16 through 25, the Liberty Times reported.

Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation is launching special bus services between the farm and the Taipei Railway Station, the Taipei City Government, Yilan, Luodong, the Sanxing sports stadium and Lishan. For some of the routes, ticket sales will start on January 19 at some convenience store chains, reports said.

Access during the cherry blossom season will be strictly regulated, with motorists needing official passes before they are allowed to drive into the area. Taichung Police will be on hand to check vehicles and stop those who do not have the required passes, reports said.