Federal prison sentences for 9 in drug-trafficking operation

ATLANTA (AP) — Federal prosecutors in Atlanta say nine men have been sentenced for their roles in a Mexico-based drug trafficking operation.

The U.S. attorney's office said Thursday that sentences range from seven-and-a-half to 19 years in prison. Prosecutors say the men were involved in trafficking more than 58 gallons (220 liters) of liquid methamphetamine, 28 kilograms of methamphetamine and 5 kilograms of cocaine.

Prosecutors say the men converted the liquid meth to crystal meth in homes around the Atlanta area and distributed the drugs.

Five Mexicans were sentenced: Elmer Uriel Moreno-Armas, Guillermo Rios, Jorge Alberto Barajas Govea, Pedro Oseguera Ramirez and Hugo Leon-Mendez. The others are American: Leonardo Garcia Castro, Warren Ferguson, Stephan Sessoms, and Tyler Owens.

The court ordered the Mexicans turned over to immigration authorities after they serve their sentences.