Chaplin to Oprah: California's Montecito is a star haven

The California coastal community devastated by this week's deadly mudslides is known as Oprah's hometown.

But it was Charlie Chaplin, the biggest star of another era, who first made Montecito a celebrity haven.

Chaplin led a small group of investors who built the Montecito Inn, a posh getaway that is a local landmark. Its lobby is now flooded with mud.

The deadly debris flow that left at least 17 people dead and damaged or destroyed about 500 homes on Tuesday has brought international attention to this community of 9,000 that in normal times values its privacy.

Two days after a Golden Globes speech that inspired talk of her running for president, Oprah Winfrey was sharing Instagram pictures of her mud-filled backyard and expressing gratitude that her house was spared.

Other celebrities who own homes in Montecito include Ellen DeGeneres, Rob Lowe and Drew Barrymore.