Streamer CJayride in hot water again for five-way Jacuzzi video

Streamer CJayride in is in hot water again for steamy Jacuzzi video that included 3 men and 2 women

Screen capture of Twitch video.

Screen capture of Twitch video.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An American streamer who Taiwanese grew to love to hate for his antics while streaming from his skateboard last year around Taipei, is in hot water again after he made a live-streamed video of him with two men and two women having a steamy bubble bath together on Sunday (Jan. 7), reported Now News.

On Sunday, word started to spread on the Taiwanese online forum PTT that Chris James Robb, a 30-year-old American streamer who goes by the online handle "CJayride," was broadcasting a group bubble bath in a love motel somewhere in Taiwan live on the streaming site Twitch. In the video, titled "'Hot Spring' Love Motel 700 Subs Celebration," two men and three women cavort together in a Jacuzzi while wearing swimsuits.

While the participants drink alcohol and chat in Chinese in the video, it becomes apparent that one of the two women wearing bikinis is from Taiwan, while the other is from Hong Kong.

Netizens soon got into a froth of excitement over the bubble bath, with comments by Taiwanese such as "hurry up and take off your underwear," and "This really is too crazy." Meanwhile, some foreigners taunted the group by making comments such as like "EZ," which some have interpreted to mean the women in the video were promiscuous.

The video, which had over 10,000 views, was broken into segments, with one section titled "Taiwanese Girls Want to Eat Foreign Sausage," showed a woman kneeling in front of a man and making suggestive comments.

(CJayride Twitter image)

On his Twitter page, CJayride circles the video's title which appears to be the same as his avatar and says "Taiwanese Girls Want to Eat Foreign Sausage" (台女想吃洋腸), but he denies that this was his doing saying, "Anyone can make these clips and name it whatever they want."

One of the other apparent participants, a streamer who goes by the handle Jake'n'Blake, said on Twitter that the term EZ did not imply that the women in the video were promiscuous, but rather he said means "smooth/impressive/damn son didn't see that coming."

(Screen capture from Twitch video)

MMA gym owner and online commentator Chen Chih-han (陳之漢) furiously criticized Twitch for not giving a satisfactory response about the video and said he would not work with Twitch. In an interview with Etoday, Twitch Taiwan representatives said that while they have employees in Taiwan, Robb works through the U.S. headquarters of the company and therefore any punitive measures for his video would be handled by the U.S. branch.

The video has been taken down from Twitch and Robb has been banned from the site for three days for the incident. Meanwhile, he has switched to YouTube to continue his broadcasts.

(Screen capture from Twitch video)

Last year, Robb was lambasted on the popular message board PTT and the Facebook group Breaking News Commune for a video posted on his Twitch account showing him flicking fish balls on the grass, sticking bamboo skewers in the dirt, and leaving a plastic beverage container at the entrance to an MRT station. He justified the littering by saying, "No litter? What am I supposed to do? There's no trash cans out here." On June 8 of last year, Robb apologized for littering and accused Taiwanese media of making fake news to defame him in a video.