Taiwan postman travels 250 km to deliver mail in Hehuanshan even in snow

The postman reaches altitude of 2,000 meters for remote mountain villages

Postman Yu Ju-fang ready to deliver mail in Hehuanshan

Postman Yu Ju-fang ready to deliver mail in Hehuanshan (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A postman from the Hualien branch travels about 250 kilometers to Hehuanshan for delivering parcels and mail twice a week regardless of mild or vile weather conditions, reported Central News Agency.

As Hehuanshan has turned white due to a strong cold air mass that hit the country a couple of days ago, postman Yu Ju-fang (游如鈁) knew he should wrap specially made metal chains around the tires of his motorbike before starting his work taking him across icy roads in the mountains.

Yu, a Chunghwa Post worker responsible for mail delivery in the Hehuanshan area two times a week, told CNA that it could take him four to five hours for a one-way trip under such harsh weather conditions. Even if the weather is bright, it still takes Yu around three hours to reach the remotest residence.

Liu Yung-yu (劉永裕), a supervisor at the Hualien branch, said the cost of delivering mail to Hehuanshan was high considering there were only 30 to 40 pieces of mail delivered during each trip.

However, the service remained in place for the residents living in the mountain area as high as 2,000 meters, said Liu, adding that the postman also got extra pay for the work.