First cherry blossoms spotted in New Taipei City

A warm winter beckons cherry blossom season early in 2018


Sakura season has come early. (Photo: New Taipei Landscaping Department)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The first cherry blossom bloom of 2018 in New Taipei City has arrived early, reported Yahoo News.

Taiwan cherry blossoms typically flower after the beginning of spring in February through March, though an unseasonably warm winter this year has inspired the cherry blossoms to flower early. Blossoms are estimated to flower on the mountain tops around mid-February.

(Photo: New Taipei Landscaping Department)

New Taipei City boasts eight species of cherry blossom trees and in total hosts over 150,000 trees. 

The first blossoms of the year were spotted in Pinglin District (坪林區).

(Photo: New Taipei Landscaping Department)

Two of the most popular areas to admire cherry blossoms in New Taipei City are in Wulai (烏來) or in Sanzhi District along Dahu Road (三芝大湖路). Blossoms can also be found in Tamsui (淡水), Shiding (石碇), and Jinshan (金山).