Taiwan FDA rolls out harsh new penalties for companies violating health regulations

If found profiting over NT$10 mil. from food products that are hazardous to public health, a business will lose its license

(Image from Unsplash user Mikhail Rakityanskiy)

(Image from Unsplash user Mikhail Rakityanskiy)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration has just introduced much stricter penalties for businesses found to be in violation of health codes.

The new regulations announced in late 2017 deal with expired goods, products containing insecticides, traces of radiation or industrial additives, as well as unsanitary packaging.

The potential penalties for violating the new regulations are among the strongest the FDA has ever enforced.

According to a report, FDA Division Chief Hsiao Hui-Wen stated that a business found to be in violation of the regulations, and who have profited over NT$10 million (US$ 333,000) from products that are deemed hazardous to the public’s health may be immediately shut down, and their company removed from the country’s business registry.

The official noted that Taiwan is no stranger to food safety scandals, with a dozen in the last year alone. The most recent was the case of CJ-Taian Co. which was caught reusing expired egg products and putting them back on the market.

Last year, the government introduced a “Five Point food Strategy” intended to create a higher awareness, and stricter enforcement of food safety standards.

The five points include; strengthening food safety management, reestablishing a food production management system, strengthening the government food market inspection capabilities, increasing liability for food producers and vendors, and encouraging the creation of oversight platforms.

In addition to the harsher penalties for businesses in violation of health laws, the FDA is also promoting more thorough labeling of products. One such measure is the stricter labeling for prepackaged foods containing or potentially containing harmful allergens.

Taiwan FDA rolls out harsh new penalties for companies violating health regulations

Updated : 2021-01-27 05:43 GMT+08:00