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Taiwanese TV star has show canceled in China for 'supporting Taiwan Independence'?

The show was canceled despite Ruby Lin having expressed support for Beijing's 'One China' policy in the past

"My Dear Boy" promo poster

"My Dear Boy" promo poster

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -– A popular Taiwanese television star, Ruby Lin, is at the center of the latest spat between Taiwan and China in 2018.

Ruby Lin (林心如) was the star and producer of a new television show in China called “My Dear Boy (我的男孩).” However after only two episodes the show was canceled by the Guangdong Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Bureau which managed licensing for the program, according to CNA.

Details on who made the decision to pull the program, and their official explanation of the decision remain unclear.

However, it appears that the show was canceled following online discussions about the program, wherein Chinese netizens expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that Ruby Lin and the program had received funding from the Taiwanese Ministry of Culture (MOC).

The Taiwanese Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) expressed disappointment with the decision claiming that cancelling the show ran contrary to China’s stated aim of finding common ground with Taiwan. They also said the decision would “hurt the feelings of Taiwanese people,” reports CNA.

While the MAC has framed the cancellation of the Taiwanese funded program as an issue of China “respecting art” from Taiwan, many Taiwanese netizens have taken a very different view of the news.

That’s because in the past, Ruby Lin has been open about her political stance of supporting Beijing’s “One China” policy.

The actress earned the scorn of many Taiwanese people in 2012, when she shared the following image on a social network account with the words“China: It cannot be diminished by even a bit (一點都不能少).”

Taiwanese TV star has show canceled in China for 'supporting Taiwan Independence'?

However, that did not convince zealous Chinese netizens who were very upset to find out she had applied for and received NT$20 million (US$69,000) from the Taiwan MOC.“Does Lin support Taiwanese Independence? Looks like she’s just toying with us! She actually supports Taiwanese Independence!”one poster exclaimed, as reported by Now News.

For many Taiwanese people, the outrage of the Chinese commentators and the overly dramatic decision to pull the program simply because the Taiwanese government had supported the project (with Taiwanese taxpayers’ money, it might be added) only emphasized the confrontational and overly emotional attitudes that many in China display towards Taiwan.

Even for someone like Ruby Lin, who supports Beijing’s policies towards Taiwan, the simple thought that she was receiving support from the Taiwanese government was all it took to trigger a wave of outrage, and cause an artistic project to be suppressed.

On Sunday evening, an office representing Ruby Lin released a statement that the star “did not and will not support any pro-independence discourse or action,”reports CNA.

Taiwanese TV star has show canceled in China for 'supporting Taiwan Independence'?

Updated : 2021-05-14 10:03 GMT+08:00