India's population soars as condom use declines

India's population may surpass China's population of 1.37 billion in the next six years

Ugadi Market in Bangalore, India

Ugadi Market in Bangalore, India (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The population of India stands at about 1.32 billion people. At current population growth levels, India is predicted to surpass China’s population of about 1.37 billion in the next six years.

Some recent studies are even raising speculation that India's population may reach 1.7 billion by 2050.

One reason for the continuing population surge is that men in India appear to be very reluctant to use condoms, according to a 2017 report from Deutsche Welle.

Over the past 8 years, recent surveys suggest that regular condom use among the total population has actually decreased by a startling 52 percent. Vasectomies and other forms of contraceptives have also shown marked decreases according to the report.

Currently, numbers suggest the puts the current rate of condom use in India is approximately six percent. Contrast that to Europe, which has an average rate of 30 percent condom use among sexually active adults.

Analysts suggest that the main cause for the sales and use of condoms is a lack of privacy at home. Much of India remains a developing country, and young men living with their families are very reluctant, and possibly unable, to discreetly purchase, or store the condoms in their homes.

Many Indian males also claim they cannot climax or achieve satisfaction while wearing a condom.

In an effort to lessen the stigma and embarrassment of acquiring condoms, and to encourage safe sex, the government recently launched an online service to distribute condoms, which has seen some success.

However many citizens and officials alike feel that more must be done to raise awareness.

The president of the Public Health Foundation of India, Srinath Reddy is quoted as saying "It is certainly a worrying trend. Public awareness campaigns should be ramped up not only for safe-sex practices but also for the sake of family planning.”

Advertisement for Nirodh brand condoms (Wikimedia Commons Image)